LED Screen

.New TFT liquid crystal display technology. Specialized technical design reduces the thickness of the whole machine. Easy to install and the space utilization ratio is improved.

.Uses the latest thchnology of LED Lamps (High Luminance Light Emitting Diode). The thermometiric scale of the light source is over 9300 degrees of Kelvin. This makes the light more suitable to observe the X-ray & imaging film.

.The hightest luminance for the LED illuminator is more than 1200 cd/m (illuminance 4000lux).

. Life if LED is 100,000 hours. It is 5 times than the CCFL lamp.

. Imported hight finish panel, uniformity and soft light. It has a long life of usage.

. There is no dark spot in the viewing area. The uniformity of the viewing screen is more than 90%. This design makes the light beam so well-proportioned that it helps get more information from the films.

.Luminance adjusting for large-scale (100-1200 cd/m). DUe to flicker-free energy saving light users will not feel tired even after a long time gazing.

Available in 2 Sizes of screens, Single Film & Double Film.