Microtome Blades
• These ultra sharp, high quality microtome sectioning blades offer striation, distortion and chatter free sections.

• Low profile blades fit all Blade Holders for microtomy and cryotomy Packed 50 blades per dispenser.

• Made from high quality stainless steel.

• High and low profile disposable blades for use with all microtomes as well as the cryocut and cryostat.

• coated edge allows sections to slide off the edge

Sterile Paraffin Gauze

•These individually wrapped sterile paraffin gauze dressings are ideal as an addition layer when dressing wounds.

• They soothe and protect the wound while the paraffin coating prevents them from adhering to the wound, making them perfect for burns, scalds, abrasions and other open wounds.

• Low-adherent, the dressings allow the wound to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing and allow free passage of viscous exudates,