Silicone Gel Sheet
•Advanced form of silicone gel sheet for scar care.

• Durable and comfortable - ideal for both day and night use.

• Safe for both children and adults.

• Silicone Gel Sheet can even be used on scars up to 20 years old. Within 2-4 months, scars you

Features & Benefits:

•Self-adhesive silicone gel layer.

• Non-adherent outer silicone membrane.

• Improves the appearance of Scars.

• Easy to Use: The Silicone Gel Sheet adhesive gel sheet is soft, comfortable and easy to apply. It can be cut to size to fit most scars.

• Self Adhesive: The skin contact side of Silicone Gel Sheet is self adhesive, while the upper side is a strengthening non-adhesive silicone membrane. Therefore secondary fixation may not be required, making the product more user friendly and can lead to higher patient comfort.

• Durable: The silicone membrane and gel combination make Silicone Gel Sheet more durable and less