Infusion Set
• Sharp piercing spike for easy insertion in I.V. container.
• cylindrical collapsible drip chamber to visualize the flow rate.
• Disc type fluid filter to filter any particulate matters in the I.V. fluid.
• Super smooth kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate and unrestricted flow.
• Rubber flash ball provided for extra medication.
• compatible with infusion pump.
• Available in following models.

Non-Vented Infusion Set
• 18mm. chamber 20drops/ml.
• Available with or without vein needle.

Non-Vented Economic Infusion Set

• 20drops/ml. 13mm chamber.
• Available with plain latex bulb and needle.

Vented Infusion Set
• 18mm chamber Infusion set with built-in air vent & bacteria barrier hydrophobic filter.
• Available with or without vein needle

Available in Following configuration:
Infusion Set

• Sterile individually pouch packed.
• Master Box of 500.

Blood Administration Set

• conform to ISO-1135-4 standard.
• cylindrical drip chamber provided with 200 micron filter to prevent passage of any clot into the
• Sharp non vented spike suitable for blood bags & all type of standard blood containers.
• Available with or without 19G vein needle.
• Flash ball type injection port for extra
• 150cm kink resistant tube.
• Efficient roller controller for accurate adjustment of infusion rate.

Available in Following configuration: Blood Administration Set
• Sterile & individually packed.
• Two type-single chamber & double chamber.
• Master poly bag of 25.