Measure Volume Burette Set
• Measured dose infusion set with 150ml / 110ml precisely graduated chamber.
• Semi rigid burette chamber with easy to read scale with white contrast background.
• Automatic shut off valve.
• Micro drops, 60drops per ml.
• 150cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate & unrestricted flow.
• Roller controller provides accurate flow control.
• No-kink device prevents the kinking of tube during transportation.

Available in Following configuration: Measure Volume Set
• Sterile, individually ribbon packed.
• Box of 10pc.
• Master Box of 160pc.

I.V. cannula

• I.V. catheter with injection port.
• Injection port with non return valve is provided for additional medication.
• Port caps are colour coded for instant size identification.
• Sizes: 14, 16,18,20,22 & 24G.
• Sterile individually blister packed with medical grade paper.
• Box of 100.
• Master Box of 1000.