Resuscitator Bag (Ambu Type)
Product Description
• The main parts adopt Silicon material, excellent
flexibility, durable, and can be autoclaved.
• The resuscitation bag can tally with the mouth
and nose closely.
• Aspirate valve is equipped with the fish-mouth
type valve, and when exhaling it will close
automatically to prevent overflowing.
• Pressure limit valve can adjust the aspirate
pressure and flow rate to make sure the
application safety.

Available in Following configuration:
• Resuscitation bag (Neo): For neonate under 1 year
• Resuscitation bag (Paed): For 2-7 years old.
• Resuscitation bag (Adult): For the adult.
• Standard contents: Air bag, aspirate valve
(pressure limit valve), air mixer (collection air
bag), one meter oxygen tubing and face mask.



Guedel Airways


Guedel Airways are designed to maintain an unobstructed oral pharyngeal airway during or following general anesthesia and in patients who are unconscious for other reasons.
• Integral hard bite block avoids airway occlusion and biting of tongue.
• Step less airway path for easy cleaning.
• Bite blocks are colour coded for instant identification of sizes.
• Manufactured from non toxic, non-irritant polymer PE.

Available in Following configuration:
• Sterile, individually packed in peel able
   soft blister pack.
• Box of 50.
• Master Box of 400