Yankaur Suction Set
• Moulded Yankaur Suction handle attached with 2.5mtr tube.
• Specially designed flexible kink resistant tube provide unobstructed suction during the prolonged use.
• Soft flexible adaptors at both ends of the tube provide safe grip to the handle as well as suction source.
• Vent port is permanently closed with tight fit sleeve, which can be removed with small incision by blade to change over to vent control system.

Available in Following configuration:
• Available in two versions:
• Handle with "Standard Tip"
• Sterile, individually packed.
• Box of 10.
• Master Box of 100.


Spinal Needle


• Suitable for Spinal anaesthesia
• conical tip imparts superior tactile feedback
• High flow rate enables faster cerebro Spinal Fluid
(cSF) flashback
• Aggressive anesthetic distribution upon injection
• clear polycarbonate hub offers easy visualization
of cSF or blood
• Available in Whitacre pencil point and Quincke
• Sizes: - 16 G to 30 G x 3.5 Needle

Available in Following configuration:
• Sterile, individually packed in blister pack.
• Box of 50.
• Master Box of 1000.