Disposable Scalpel
• consist of pre - assembled stainless steel surgical blades mounted on ABS plastic handle with fluted finger grips.

• The blades are safely protected by LDPE guard.

• These are individually packed in peel-open paper/poly pouches.

• 10 such pcs are packed in box of 10's.
color of handles can be changed to customer's requirements.
Available in Following configuration: DISPOSABLE

Retractable Safety Scalpel Safety Scalpel

• PARAMOUNT Embarks on a New Generation Scalpel to reduce the risk of injuries associated with sharp edges could lead to high contracting diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, c etc.

The Safety Scalpel is designed to prevent from accidental needle sticks.

• Glides easily and comfortably into locked position.
• Metric ruler assists in determining length of incision.
• Ribbed handle for perfect hold in gloved hands.

Instructions for use:
Remove scalpel from sterile pack. Slide the latch forward until it is locked and blade is exposed and ready for use. Push back after use with force until a click is heard and felt. The Scalpel is now ready for