Foley's catheter



Available in Following configuration: Foley's catheter
• Sterile and individually packed in double wrap peel able pouch. 



All Silicon Foley's catheter

• clear catheters in 100% silicone are recommended for long-term catheterization or patients with latex allergies.
• Silicone provides a high degree of biocompatibility and is highly resistant to encrustation.
• PARAMOUNT Foley's catheter elliptical side eyes feature a special beveled edge. Not only does this improve    smoothness and reduce trauma, but it allows maximum fluid flow without compromising the structural integrity    of the catheter.
• colour-coded for Fr sizes, plus numerical size marking.
• choice of rubber and plastic valves.
• Special 3-way catheters for irrigation and administration of medication.


Sizes Adult:
Two-way: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24Fr