Urine collecting Bags

• closed urine drainage system for short and long
   term use.
• Manufactured from soft clinical grade PVc
• Reinforced eyelets allow easy hanging and provide maximum    protection against tearing.
• Push/Pull type outlet allows convenient emptying.
• Kink resistant 100cm tube provided with universal tapered    connector.
• Easy to read scale for quick determination of
   urine volume.
• Urine collection bag with NRV valve with top

Available in Following configuration: Urine collecting Bags
• 2000ml
• cliniflo Prima:
• Specially designed handle to carry urine bag and
   hook to hang urine bag with bed
• cliniflo-10
• With Plastic Rod for hanging the bag

Available as:
• Sterile individually packed.
• Master Box of 200.

Pediatric Urine collection Bag



• For short term urine collection.
• Suitable for both male and female infants.
• capacity : 100 ml.
• Provided with special adhesive for better grip and easy removal    from soft skin of the infants.
• Bag graduated in ml to indicate the quantity of urine collected.

Available in following configuration: Pediatric urine collection bag
• Available in individual sterile pack.