Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
• Easy to use monitor.
• Fuzzy Logic Inflation and controlled Deflation.
• Features a large LcD display with easy to read in-progress results.
• Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rates simultaneously.
• WHO Indicator provides an instant comparison to standards set by the World Health Organization.
• Monitor detects and alerts the user to irregular heart beat.

Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

• 60 times memory irregular Heartbeat Detector.
• Time and Date Display.
• Blood Pressure Level classification Indicator.
• Automatic Power Off Activated After 1 Minutes of    Non Use.
• Measuring Range 0mm Hg ~300mm Hg.
• Arm circumference: 22~ 30cm.
• Measuring Accuracy: Within -3mmHg.
• Weight 430g.
• Machine Size: Length 146mm x Width 100mm x
  Height 60mm.

Arm Digital Blood
  Pressure Monitor

• 60 Times Memory.
• Digital Display System.
• Automatic Inflation, Automatic Measurement.
• Accuracy: Within =4mmHg.
• Automatic Power off activated after 1 minutes of non-use.
• Measuring Range: 20mmHg -300mmHg.
• Machine Size: Length 1041mm/Width 154mm/
   Height 45mm.
• cuff Size: Length 520mm/Width 140mm.
• Weight: 300g.

Wrist Digital Blood Pressure    Monitor

• Simply wrap the cuff around sizes your wrist and
   press START. In seconds your blood pressure and
   pulse are displayed on the digital panel.
• The fully automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
   features both Fuzzy Logic Inflation and controlled    Deflation along with one-button operation.
• The memory feature recalls up to 60 readings    providing date and time stamps.
• comfortable wrist cuff suitable for 5-1/4" to
   7-5/8" wrist circumferences and alarm clock