Gouge Blades & Handle
• These surgical blades are used for feet surgeries and podiatry purposes i.e. manicure and pedicure.
• Gouge Blades are used by various podologists for hand, feet and skin care. They are available in the following sizes: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,10 & 12.
• Each blade is protected by VcI paper in a peel - open foil sachet.
• Gouge blades fit into handle no. 3 and special gouge handles.
Available in Following configuration: GOUGE

Stitch cutters

• The long and short stitch cutters require no       handles.
• The long version is made of stainless steel.
• The short version is of carbon steel.
• The mini stainless stitch cutter can be used with    handle Nos. 3L, 7 & 9.
• It is also available on a pre-mounted ABS disposable    plastic handle.

Available in Following configuration: STITcH

Blood Lancet

• Supplied sterile and individually packed.

• Lancet comes in a pack of 200 pieces per box.

• The tip is specially designed for easy pricking,
   which minimizes patient trauma.

Available in Following configuration: Blood Lancet
• Sterile & individually packed.
• 200pc Blood Lancet are pack in one box.