Disposable Adult Diapers


• Dry -Fast core, Super absorbents.
• Moisture repellent.
• Security barriers.
• Waist Elastication and curved leg elastic.
• Superfit Band Wetness Indicator.
• Three absorbency levels and three sizes.
• compact and convenient packaging.


• Faster absorption , drier surface.
• Better containment of facces reduces urine
• Improves comfort.
• class comfortable fit.
• Easier to fix and adjust tapes.
• A Guide for carers.
• Meets individual requirements with cost effective care.
• Easy to handle less storage space required.



  Arokleen provides affective incontinence management for those who required or prefer an all in one product. A   easily applied and offers increased absorption and leakage protection by using materials of the highest quality,   including super.

Arokleen for severe incontinence:-