A. Anti-Leakage Design:
       The product has extra width and length designed        for better as sorption and

B. Dry And comfortable:
       Adding to the more high absorption .it has large        absorbing using the reticular embossed design to        introduce the water diversion towards every side        keep the surface comfortable.

c. closely The Skin More caring:
       Using the super-nonwoven as the top layer it feels        comfortable permeability damp proof more health        of skin.

D. Internation Quality:
       It has strictly controls of the product

Hot Water Bottle
• Hot Water Bottles are excellent for Heat Therapy and are recommended for the following.
• To reduce pain arising from menstrual cramps.
• Relieve all body aches due to pulled muscles,
spasm or arthritic problem.
• Warm up baby beds.
If a patient is undergoing treatment at home, hot water bottle is an utilitarian product to keep at home. Also every offices, clinics, & hospitals, for travel, outdoor camping & for your first aid kit box.

Always be careful when filling and using hot water bottles.
Use a cover or wrap the bottle in a towel before using, this will help prevent burns.
Make sure the top is closed before using.
For children and the elderly, use the bottle to warm the bed, and then remove before the person gets in

2000ml. capacity (For Adult)
1400ml. (For children & Baby Beds)
A. Double Side Ribs
B. One Side Ribs
c. Plain
color: Red & Green