Orthopaedic casting Tape

Made of pure Fiber Glass and Synthetic Resin Arocast, Orthopedic tape, is better than existing Orthopedic plaster bandage for casting.
Arocast efffectively hardens and fixes the surface of the cast, and it works especially well for Orthopedic casting, cast bracing, weight bracing, replacement cast, etc.
Since Arocast is Orthopedic tape made of Fibers and Resins, it has the follwing properties.
• Dries fast.
• Easy and simple to use.
• Light weight.
• Vents Superbly.
• Impact resistant.
• Easily applicable to any body area.
• Provides excellent flexibility and molding.
• Environmentally safe (burns up completely).

Arocast should be kept at room temperature.
Do not use the content if the package is damaged.
Proionged storage at high temperature and / or under the direct sunlight my reduce its quality and life-cycle.

Available in following configuration
Orthopedic cast Tape Kit

  Orthopedic cast tape contain following.
  1. Orthopedic cast tape 2pc.
  2. Gloves 1 pair.
  3. cast padding 1pkt.
  4. Stockinet 1pkt.

  Available in following configuration
  A. 4" Orthopedic cast tape kit.
  B. 5" Orthopedic cast tape kit.
  Arocast is available in the following colors: