Electric Power Saw cutter

• Easy and handy to use.
• Blade works on oscillation process.
• Works on hand surface only does not cut soft    tissue.
• Operate with 220Ac current.
• Indivisually pack in box
Orthopedic cast Padding

• It is absorbent non-woven, made of soft natural
   cellulose fibers which adds to the comfort of the
   patient while plastered.
• Being natural is hypoallergenic.
• Prevents skin maceration.
• Protects bony prominences.
• Absorbs exudates and sweat.
• Provides cushion between the skin and the plaster.

Available in following size
1. 15cm * 3mtr.
2. 10cm* 3mtr.

cotton Stockinet

• Our cotton Stockinette is very high quality
   stockinette made using only high quality 100%
   natural cotton. Attention to detail is given    during
   every step of the manufacturing process.
• If you need quality and value in your cotton
   Stockinette, look no further.
• Available in rolls in a Pkt.

Available in following size
1. 7.5cm * 1.5mtr.
2. 5cm* 1mtr.