chest Binder

• 50mm thick PUF pad hold and binds the fractured    sternum without compromising on patient comfort.
• Strong elastic band gives good grip and helps in    equidistribution of pressure.
• Reduces post operative pain and discomfiture.
• Facilitates phlegm expulsion after cardio thoracic    surgery.


Size chart
Measure circumference around the chest.

contoured LS Support

• Anatomically contoured splints maintain the
   natural low back curve, and allay the mechanical    stresses as    well as the postural fatigue.
• Rigid aluminum splints ensure adequate back    reinforcement    for perfect immobilization of the

   L.S    area.
• contoured and rigid splinting is absolutely

   important to stabilize the vertebral fractures. It    provides    immobilization in    the neutral position

   of the vertebral    column.
• Light in weight aluminum splints, offer better

   patient    compliance.
• Double pull mechanism ensures strong fastening

    for    secure    fitting around the waist and better    immobilization.
• contoured shape and strong fastening prevents

   slipping    during sitting.
• Ethafoam back pad offers high cushioning even in

   thin sections, Provides better patient comfort,
   without compromising the immobilization

Size chart
Measure circumference around the waist immediately below navel.