Rib Belt

• These unisize, all-elastic belts are contoured for a    perfect fit. Simply press to fasten and peel to
• Fully washable.
• comfortable to wear: Flannel lined contact

   Size chart
   Universal size. Fits Waist Sizes 28-50


Maternity Belt

Our Maternity Belt's made from elastic straps lifting the belly without pressure on the baby and growth process, keeps the vertebra in right position and prevents cracks in the top layer of skin.
Recommended for use from the 6th month of pregnancy.
The Maternity Belt aids during the pregnancy in:
• Lifting the abdomen to ease lower back pain.
• Includes a strap that aids in the lifting process of the    abdomen.
• The front part of the belt is made of soft and high elastic    material, which lets the muscles work

Knee & Ankle Support
Rom Knee Brace

• Range of motion 0-135° flexion and 0-75° hyper    extention with an interval of 7.5°.
• Ensure immobilization at any angle motion
   between any two angles.
• Universally acceptable fix-lock with easy pin
• Pin locking with transparent disk for safety.
• convenient design, easy to apply in the least
• Special bonded fabric for lining which has high
   cushioning coefficient, provides a good grip of the    product to the leg.
• Universal design, one size fits all.


Size chart
One size fits all.
Universal - One size fits all (380 mm to 575 mm of thigh size).