Skin Traction Set (PUF Liner)

• complete kit consisting of a foam liner or an adhesive    lines, spreader block, crepe bandage and traction cord.
• Provides quick and convenient alternative for traction in    trauma and emergencies.
• Non invasive method, saves trauma and cost.


Size chart
Measure distance from knee to foot.cut liners for accurate use.

Pelvic Traction Kit

• Scientifically designed, can be conveniently used at    homes or hospitals.
• Sturdy design for a long life and multiple use.
• Large hook loop area provides customized
   compression and flexibility in sizing.
• Oblique traction straps ensure the vector of the
   tractional force on to the LS vertebras.
• complete solution, kit includes P.T belt, Spreader bar,    Traction pulley and traction cord.

Size chart

compression Stockings (Mid-Thigh)
Varicose Vein Stockings (Single)

• Made from soft nylon yarn and spandex, offers good    compression and a longer life.
• Dermophillic, materials ensure less allergies.
• controlled and graded compression ensure faster return to    normal circulation.
• Simple pull on application for patient convenience.
• Open toe design for longer life and convenient usage
• Efective blood evacuation, relieves tired or aching legs due    to long hours of standing, sitting or traveling.

Size chart

Measure circumference around mid thigh - approx. 6 inches above knee.