Memory Foam cervical Pillows
                                Introducing the uSleep Range of pillows
                                             for more restful nights.


                                                              changing the way you sleep will change
                                                                 the way you feel when you wake up!

                                     A Better sleep - A Better Life!

Our unique Memory Foam formula forms a closed-cell structure that gives a perfect feel.
Slow memory recovery for ultimate comfort and support, and it is naturally hypoallergenic.
Proven to improve the erratic breathing caused by allergies.
Decreases tossing and turning by improving blood circulation and eliminates discomfort on pressure points.
Distinctive neck and head contour for proper head, neck and spinal alignment.

Memory foam moulds with your head's weight and heat, providing the perfect contoured support for you. Regains original shape within seconds of use, ergonomically designed to reshape and adjust with your every movement. Helps to reduce pressure and bring relief to sufferers of back pain and neck pain. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side this is the pillow you need for optimum support and comfort. Therapeutically contoured for better spinal alignment, following the natural shape of your head & neck and helps soothe away tension and stress while rejuvenating tired muscles.