The uSleep range of lifestyle
Pillows and cushions


     he uSleep range of lifestyle Pillows and cushions      provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation      from head to toe. They have universal appeal and      can be used at work or at home. Also ideal for      traveling, they help eliminate stress and fatigue      anywhere anytime. For the hygiene conscious      user, the soft cover is naturally hypo-allergenic      and washable.

uSleep Luxury Neck Pillow

     Designed for extra support and comfort for the weary traveler. Relax as you read or sleep while commuting locally      or traveling by air. The uSleep luxury neck pillow cradles your neck securely, providing comfort and relieving      pressure. The hypo-allergenic soft and luxurious material doesn't sweat like ordinary inflatable travel pillows      ensuring an uninterrupted snooze!

     34 x 34 x 12 cm.

uSleep Lumbar Back Support

     The uSleep lumbar back support will provide all      the support your back needs while sitting for long      hours. can be used in combination with the      uSleep seat cushion to provide complete relief to      spine and hips. It gives complete support to your      spine eliminating fatigue and stress.

     40 x 28 x (11+4) cm.