Dental Blades
• PARAMOUNT Dental disposable scalpels initially conceived for parodontology and Stomatology, because their form allows doing precise and fine incision, even in hardly accessible areas.
• These instruments have numerous applications in other disciplines like cardiology, plastic surgery, gynecology and neurology.
• They can be presented in two ways: with a

chisel / Fine Blades

• FINE (cHISEL) Surgical Blades is available in Stainless Steel.
• Each blade is protected by VcI paper in a peel- open foil sachet.
• It is sterilized by Gamma Radiation of 2.5 M. Radiation.

Available in Following configuration: cHISEL / FINE BLADES
• Sterile & individually packed.
• 25 pcs are packed in one box.
Sizes: Nos. P-SM61, P-SM61S, P-SM62, P-SM62S,